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The CITC Studies

The CITC studies will focus on improving the safety and long-term success of transplanting islets (the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas) in people whose own islets have been destroyed by the autoimmune process that characterizes type 1 diabetes. Some studies will focus on improving combined islet and kidney transplants in patients with type 1 diabetes and kidney failure, a common complication of diabetes.

CITC studies will focus on:

  • improving the isolation and viability of islets
  • reducing complications of the islet transplant procedure (e.g., bleeding and clotting in the blood vessels of the liver)
  • reducing the side effects of immunosuppression
  • achieving good blood sugar control without hypoglycemia
  • following the fate of islets after transplantation and determining why donor islets sometimes fail
  • evaluating new ways to safely prevent immune rejection of donor tissues


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