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Participating Study Centers

Clinical Islet Transplant Program in Edmonton -

Emory University -

Karolinska Universit and Uppsala University -

Northwestern University -

The Chicago Project -

University of Illinois at Chicago -

University of Miami -

University of Minnesota, DIIT - Diabetes Institute for Immunology and Transplantation -

University of Pennsylvania -

General Online Resources

ADA - American Diabetes Association -

BCBC - Beta Cell Biology Consortium -

CDA - Canadian Diabetes Association -

Children with Diabetes -

CITR - Collaborative Islet Transplant Registry -

Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation -

dLife -

EASD - European Association for the Study of Diabetes -

IDF - International Diabetes Federation -

ITR - International Islet Transplant Registry -

ICR - Islet Cell Resource Centers -

JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation -

NIDDK - National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases -

NIAID - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases -

UNOS - United Network for Organ Sharing -


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