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Who is in the CIT Consortium?

Dr. James F. MarkmannJames F. Markmann MD, PhD

Dr. Markmann is the Claude E. Welch Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and the Chief of the Division of Transplant Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Markmann completed his residency in surgery at Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia and his transplant surgery fellowship at Dumont-UCLA in California.

Dr. Markmann's research in islet transplantation extends spans more than 30 years. During his career in Philadelphia, he helped to develop one of the first successful pancreatic islet transplant programs in the country. Upon arriving at MGH, his top priority was to develop a pancreatic islet program and in 2010, MGH performed the first islet transplant with islets prepared at MGH. Dr. Markmann currently leads the clinical allo- and auto islet programs at MGH and his research lab is investigating novel approaches to secure long-term islet survival including encapsulation and immune tolerance.

His basic research focuses are on transplantation immunobiology and induction of immunological tolerance and to define the mechanism of action of regulatory T-cells and regulatory B cells with the hope that these will become viable cellular therapies to promote islet graft survival for use in diabetes prevention. He serves as an editor for a number of journals (Transplantation, Surgery, AJT) and has served on numerous NIH study section committees.

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